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Sport Center Višnjik Ltd.

The entire sports and recreational infrastructure, included in the Višnjik Sports Center is about 204,000 m2, available to sports associations, clubs, federations, other entities in the field of sports and sports recreation, groups of citizens and / or individuals of different ages and different interests for organized or spontaneous continuous or planned periodic implementation of various plans and programs for the following:

  • physical and health culture (in the field of education)
  • competitive sports (all types and categories)
  • sports recreation (sports for all)
  • kinesitherapy and sports for people with special needs
  • sports tourism
  • sports and cultural events


Public Institution for the Management of Sports Facilities Zadar Sport

Public Institution for the Management of Sports Facilities Zadar Sport, as a public institution founded and owned by the City of Zadar, was established to improve the sports infrastructure and the development of sports in general. Sport in Zadar has a long and rich history, and the establishment of the Institution created the conditions for the continued development of sport as an ideal medium for the development of society. Further investment in sport is a direct investment in citizens, in their physical and mental health, economic and tourist activities, historical and social events. With the establishment of the Institution, the City was given a legal entity that is ready at any time to respond to the organizational challenges of contemporary sports competitions, and citizens have received an adequate guardian of their property, which will be available to them for many years. The use of sports facilities by sports clubs is co-financed by the City of Zadar.
Public Institution for the Management of Sports Facilities Zadar Sport is in charge of the fallowing facilities:


Vitrenjak – Sailing club Uskok (SC Uskok)

Since 1983. Vitrenjak has been the home of SC Uskok, which is primarily engaged in sports sailing in the Class Optimist, 420, 470 and 49er classes. This club has the best equipped infrastructure in the Mediterranean and due to these conditions has hosted numerous international competitions: European Championships Class 470 (1999.), Class 420 (2004.), Class 470 (2008.), Class 49er (2009.), World Championships Class 470 (2004.), and Class 49-er (2012.). in 2011. the club was the organizer of the World Championships in eight Olympic classes. Each year they organize regattas for cruisers and the Optimist class.

Rowing Center

Rowing center in Jazine Bay was built in 1981. In its complex the Rowing Center has all the conditions for the training and competition of rowers (boat hangars, gym, rowing in the dry, sanitary facilities, changing rooms and club rooms).
Part of the Center was renovated in 2020. (toilets and locker rooms).

Football stadium Stanovi

Stadium Stanovi has a capacity of 5860 spectators. The current shape of the stadium was given in 1979, during the preparations for the Mediterranean Games, which were held in Split the same year, and some matches were played in Zadar. The east stand, which leans against the building, was built in 1994. In 2008, the west stand was demolished, and the field was moved a few meters to the west, four large floodlights were installed and an auxiliary field with artificial grass was built next to the stadium. The construction of the west stand is planned. The complex of the city Stadium Stanovi includes:

  • a big football field with accompanying grandstands
  • auxiliary football field made of artificial grass

In 2020, the Croatian Football Association and the City of Zadar invested around two million kunas in an auxiliary playground on which a new surface and artificial grass were installed, fences were repaired, and new goals and protection were set.

Jazine Hall

From the very beginnings of the basketball game in Zadar, which dates back to the 1920s, it was played on all kinds of surfaces, from clay to concrete, all in the open, on the site of today's Jazine Hall. Basketball was played in the open air until the mid-1960s, when the game was increasingly moved from outdoor courts to halls.
The Basketball Association of Yugoslavia made the decision that the first league players in the 1964/1965 season have to have a hall in their city or they will play all the matches on the side (in another city). The new hall began to emerge in 1967, and by the end of the year, it already had a basic outline. The construction lasted 70 days, and the official opening of the Hall was held on February 19, 1968 - a league match against Belgrade. Miljenko Valčić scored the first basket in Jazine after the classic combination with Krešimir Ćosić.
The hall, which officially seats about 3,000 people, would be crowded with up to 7,000 spectators at all major matches. The magic of the legendary Jazine lasted for 40 years. In a little less than half a century, generations of basketball fans have been brought up in it, and the hall remembers the most glorious moments of Zadar sport.
Today, basketball clubs use the basketball hall Jazine: Sonik - Puntamika, Jazine, Zara and the Basketball Club of Persons with Disabilities Diadora.
The hall hosts programs of sports clubs, regular trainings and competitions, as well as various sports events of other sports associations.
The total number of athletes who use the hall is about 600. The City of Zadar is investing in improving the conditions in the sports hall through current and investment maintenance, so in 2018 and 2019 sanitary facilities for athletes with disabilities, access to the hall for people with disabilities, heating and regular facility maintenance works.

ES Bibinje

BK Brodarica

Futsal court „Smiljevac“

Futsal court „Puntamika“ near a Small school in Puntamika

Zadar, the European City of Sports

The city of Zadar is the European City of Sports in 2021!

Zadar won the title in June 2020 in front of the commission of ACES Europe, an association of sports cities in Europe based in Brussels that promotes EU programs focused on sports and physical activity which awards the title.

The city of Zadar is carrying out all sports activities in 2021 through the promotion of the title of European City of Sports!