SC Višnjik - Indoor swimming pool

SC Višnjik - Indoor swimming pool

In addition to the multipurpose sports hall, an indoor swimming pool called "Swimming Sports Center Zadar - Indoor Swimming Pool" was bulit simultaniously. The project was designed by Nikola Bašić, B.Sc. and the contractor was Industrogradnja Ltd Zagreb.
The indoor swimming pool is of a sports character. The competition pool is licensed to hold official swim, water jump and water polo competitions. The swimming pool is suitable for organizing swimming schools, preschool programs, aqua aerobics, aqua gymnastics, health and recreational swimming and other similar programs.
The building is 150 x 42,5 meters in size and was officially opened on May 14., 2009. In its basement and ground floor there is a 33 x 25 m swimming pool with jumping boards of 1, 3, and 5 m, and with audience stands with a thousand seats; warm up swimming pool 25 x 12.5 m and elliptical children's pool. Total usable area of all premises is 7. 707 m2 (5.114,2 m2 on the ground floor and 2092.8 m2 in the basement).

Zadar, the European City of Sports

The city of Zadar is the European City of Sports in 2021!

Zadar won the title in June 2020 in front of the commission of ACES Europe, an association of sports cities in Europe based in Brussels that promotes EU programs focused on sports and physical activity which awards the title.

The city of Zadar is carrying out all sports activities in 2021 through the promotion of the title of European City of Sports!