SC Višnjik - Tennis center

SC Višnjik - Tennis center

In the immediate vicinity of the indoor swimming pool, tennis center was built in 2018, in the first phase with seven earthen terrains. The Davis Cup semifinal match was held on the main field (September 2018, Croatia - USA 3: 2), which gathered 20,000 spectators in three days. In the second phase in 2020, three more fields were built with a hard surface and other necessary facilities. Thus, the tennis center, the size and quality of the offer in business cooperation with the Croatian Tennis Association and the City of Zadar (and with Zadar as an attractive destination in the middle of the Croatian Adriatic coast, with good road, sea and air connections and excellent microclimate) becomes a long-term destination for many tennis players, from beginners to professionals and numerous recreationalists. In 2020, the Adria Tour was organized; a humanitarian tournament organized by tennis players of world renown and top results Novak Đoković and co-organized by the Croatian Tennis Association and the City of Zadar.

Zadar, the European City of Sports

The city of Zadar is the European City of Sports in 2021!

Zadar won the title in June 2020 in front of the commission of ACES Europe, an association of sports cities in Europe based in Brussels that promotes EU programs focused on sports and physical activity which awards the title.

The city of Zadar is carrying out all sports activities in 2021 through the promotion of the title of European City of Sports!