SC Višnjik - Open sports courses

SC Višnjik - Open sports courses

In the open part of the Visšnjik Sports Center there are a number of objects and facilities (all lighted). A large grass football field 100 x 60 meters with a grandstand for a thousand spectators; a 400-meter tartan track with six tracks; long jump; high jump; ball pit; spear dump; tartan warming track, 100 yards; tartan trim track 1,284 meters; equipment for the street work out park; four indoor football fields with artificial grass, one playground with 200 seats, and four changing rooms. In this part of the Sport Center Višnjik there are also volleyball, basketball and badminton courts, all with tartan base; polygon for dogs; ice skating rink (Novmber to late January) at 6,000 square meters, (Februarx to November it turnes into roller skating area at 800 square meters); handball court with antistress pad; children' s sports park, the so – called military polygon with obstacles, and three parking lots with 340 places. A children's park is placed on a six and a half thousand square meters, surrounded by a pine forest and bordered by a three-lane path,. This space is designed, decorated and modernly equipped for the various activities of children from two to ten years old. Different devices (climbers, swings, slides, etc.) are installed on anti-stress floor, which contributes to a high level of protection and safety of all users. All contents allow visitors to have a pleasant and useful time, especially in the context of the development of psychophysical abilities and socialization. The area of the children's park has lights and is, like all other facilities in the SC Višnjik, suitable for evening visits.

Zadar, the European City of Sports

The city of Zadar is the European City of Sports in 2021!

Zadar won the title in June 2020 in front of the commission of ACES Europe, an association of sports cities in Europe based in Brussels that promotes EU programs focused on sports and physical activity which awards the title.

The city of Zadar is carrying out all sports activities in 2021 through the promotion of the title of European City of Sports!